Frequently Asked Questions

Have a burning question more intense than a laser plywood engraver? Check out our commonly asked questions!

For enquiries or any questions that can't be answered with the below, please get in contact with us.


Questions relating to business locations, services provided and distributors.

How do I contact you?

For a prompt response, contact Plyco by heading our contact page and completing the short form. Alternatively, dial +61 1300 759 966 or contact us via email at

Are you open to the public?


Because Plyco’s product range is so wide, both in terms of what we actually carry in store and stock here and what we offer through our manufacturing services, our customer base does include the general public, DIY, shopfitters, cabinet makers, builders, boat builders, basically anybody who’s got a need for a timber based panel.

What are your open hours?

  • Monday - Friday: 7:15am - 5pm
  • Saturday: 8:00am - 12pm
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday - Friday: 7:45am - 4:30pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Where are your stores located?

14-20 Abbott St, Fairfield, VIC 3078

7 Bruce St, Mornington, VIC 3931

Which industries do you cater for?


Our staff here at Plyco have vast experience in cabinet making, joinery, sourcing furniture, furniture products, laminating and veneering. There aren’t too many enquiries that come in to us here that we can’t either solve the problem for our customers suggest viable solutions and then deliver the products to them on time.

Do you have interstate distributors?

Currently, Plyco products are available to purchase via our online store, by visiting our two physical locations, via email or by calling us directly. All Plyco products are available to ship nation wide across Australia.


Information on Plyco's cutting, edge banding and value added services. To request a cutting or edging order, complete our CTS form.

What services do you offer?


All of the panel products we offer here we offer to cut to size for people. Whether that be a small job – someone cutting some plywood down for new shelves in their garage through to industrial jobs of a thousand pieces of particle board in whatever size, and with our CNC flatbed machinery here we can offer a wide range of extensive shapes, panels, drilling, as well as our edge banding service.

What custom cut to size services do you offer?



Through our CNC service we can cut to almost any shape, size or pattern. Limited almost only by the customer’s imagination and our ability to write a computer program to design it. We accept a range of computer files, or barring that simply a range of sizes.

Special thanks for Enamoured Iris for producing all video content on this page.

What beam/panel saw cuts are available?


Through our panel saw and our beam saw service we can cut squares, we can cut rectangles, we can do bevel edges and then we can edge that product for you.

Do I supply finished sizes including edging for cut size?

When you submit a cut to size request, please provide your finished dimensions and we will deduct the edging thickness.

Are there limitations on panel size for cutting/edging?

Yes. Unfortunately, Plyco cannot cut anything under 20mm. We're also unable to edge any board thinner than 12mm, thicker than 33mm or narrower than 100mm. With that said, the industry standard allows a +/- 1mm tolerance on sizes.

Should I order online before submitting a cutting request?

No. If cutting or edge banding is required, please submit your request via our cut-to-size form prior to making an online purchase. We will then provide a tailored quote on the price for both cutting and materials.

Do I need to purchase the whole sheet?

Yes. To minimise wastage of materials, even if you only require part of it you will need to purchase the whole sheet. We will then provide all off-cuts for your order once the job is complete. If a full size panel is not required, consider our Quadro collection which ship in a smaller, 1200 x 600mm size.

What is your kerf of the saw blade?

The saw blade thickness for Plyco’s machinery is 5mm. You will lose this from the sheet dimensions when making a cut.

Do you allow trim cuts?

Plyco does not charge for trim cuts. However, each cutting job will need to be squared all edges before your cutting job is started to ensure the panel is square.


Detailed information on Plyco's extensive range of plywood and veneer panel products. To view a catalogue of Plyco's products available to purchase online, view our online collection. 

What sized plywood do you stock?



People are always asking us what size plywood comes in. Unlike other panel products like particleboard and MDF, plywood is more restricted in size. The standard size is normally two-point-four by one-point-two metres. Some of our speciality products we can go up to three metres by twelve-hundred.

Are all Plyco products listed online?



Navigating through both our online products and our full product catalogue you’ll find listings on sizes, thicknesses and our standard offerings. But it doesn’t finish there. If you want something that’s not on that standard listing please contact us to see if it can be made for you or cut for you out of a standard product.

What panel thickness do you offer?


Here at Plyco we stock, manufacture and distribute a vast range of timber based panel products. We manufacture plywood just down to one millimetre in thickness, up to thirty and forty-millimetre plywoods have been laminated for furniture, joinery, cabinets and other uses.

Where does Plyco source its products?



We source our plywood both locally – Australian made products – products from New Zealand, products from Russia, products from South America. We source products for specific purposes, for furniture, cabinets, joinery, boat building, as well as the DIY market.

Where can I find product inspiration?



If you’re still looking for answers or you’re seeking inspiration for a project have a look at Plyco's Instagram page, where customers have sent us in examples of the products they’ve used and that might help you out for the next project of your own.

What adhesives are used in Plyco products?



Our customers these days require panel products with low-emission adhesives. All of our panel products, be it plywood or particleboards or MDF are either manufactured with E-zero adhesives or barring that, very low emission levels. 

What laminates and veneers does Plyco offer?



Here are Plyco we offer a complete laminating and veneering service. We take our existing plywood and can re-laminate the surface of those with virtually any commercially available timber veneer or high-pressure laminate.

Which plywood types are waterproof?

All of Plyco's exterior, structural and marine plywood have an exterior glue line which is suitable for exposed areas as long as the products are kept sealed on both faces and all edges.


Need a product quote? Head to our online contact form. If it's a quote for both Plyco products and our custom cutting service, visit our online cutting form.

What payment types do you accept?

We currently accept the following payment types online: Mastercard, Visa, Google Pay and American Express. 

For additional payment options, our Fairfield location also accepts American Express, cash and credit. 

Do you offer credit accounts?

We offer 30 day end of month trading accounts to customers that meet our credit requirements. If this is something your business is interested in, please contact us via our online enquiry form.

Can I pay in instalments?

We offer online customers the freedom to purchase with Afterpay on all online products. Online customers will now be able to pay for plywood in instalments while still getting access to much needed sheets right away. For more information, read about our release of Afterpay support.


Commonly asked questions regarding Plyco's freight and logistics solutions. For more insight, view our shipping information page.

Where do you deliver?



Plyco delivers all products Australia wide.

Through our two warehouses here in Melbourne – Mornington and Fairfield – we run our own fleet of trucks and other vehicles. For interstate and regional deliveries, we partner with carrier companies to either ship large amounts to interstate or courier companies to ship small parcels anywhere in Australia. Alternatively, if you want to pick up your product we’re open from Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings.

If you find a product online marked as "in store only" or "out of stock", contact us via our enquiry form or phone us directly to arrange a delivery solution.

What carriers do you support?

In addition to our fleet of company trucks, we use a variety of third party logistics companies for online order fulfillment. These include but are not limited to: Fastway, Couriers Please, TNT, Toll, Allied, Couriers Direct, Northline and Mainfreight.

What delivery options are available?

  • Store Pickup: Free forever. Pickup is from our Fairfield Factory.
  • Courier Delivery: Dynamic rate generated at checkout. Only available for 1200 x 600mm "Quadro" and "Laserply" panels with a maximum collective weight of 25kg. Delivers Australia wide.
  • Victorian Select: Flat $75 delivery on any product(s) for all Melbourne Metro and Geelong customers. Flat rates of $110 to Phillip Island, $155 to the Surf Coast and $190 to Regional North, Regional East and Regional West are also available.
  • Truck Delivery: Dynamic rate generated at checkout. Available on all orders and delivers Australia wide. Note: as prices are displayed for retail customers, they include a mandatory $75 hydraulic tailgate fee from the freight company. If you're shipping to a commercial address and have a forklift onsite, contact us directly to arrange a cheaper shipping solution.

How much does shipping cost?

Plyco offers flat $75 shipping on all customer orders in Greater Melbourne, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula. A flat $110 rate for Philip Island, $155 for the Surf Coast and $190 for all supported Victorian regions are also available. 

For all other orders, Plyco freight is calculated on both weight and destination. This is calculated automatically at the point of checkout or by our internal sales team.

If you're located outside Melbourne and believe your online order has given you an inaccurate shipping quote, please contact us immediately at to have us examine it manually for you. 


What is the lead time on deliveries?

With an enormous range of products, the delivery window for a customer order largely depends on the products shipped.

As a guide: in stock orders typically ship within 3 working days, cut and delivery orders ship within 3 -5 working days and production orders (custom laminate pressing) will usually ship within 7 - 10 working days.

Are there different prices for commercial deliveries?

There are!

While the Small Panels and Victorian Select options are the same for all online customers, automatic shipping quotes for large sheets are generated using a residential address type for the customer. These quotes therefore include a $75 fee for a hydraulic tailgate from the shipping company (this fee isn't charged by Plyco!). Our developers are working on including an option for Residential / Commercial delivery at checkout.

If you have a forklift at the pickup location and believe you're eligible to ship to a commercial address, please contact us directly to arrange an appropriate quote.

My online order shows pickup only, what do I do?

If the delivery options page for your online order only displays "pickup only", our website developer has fallen asleep at their computer and created an error.

To wake him up, please contact us via our online form with your order and delivery information and we'll get an accurate quote send across ASAP.


Need to return a product? Check out our returns information below. 

Do you have a returns policy?

We guarantee you'll love the sight and smell of Plyco plywood as much as we do, but in the unlikely event you're not completely in love with your order,  we do offer a returns process. Eligibility for returns depends on the category of product purchased.


Product Returns Policies

In stock product

  • Definition: Any product available to purchase online.
  • Policy: Within 14 days of receiving the delivery, the product is returned to Plyco Fairfield in its original condition either via post or in person at the expense of the customer. After inspection, a successful claim is awarded either a replacement product or full refund of the paid amount.

Non stock product

  • Definition: Any product sourced by a third party supplier (eg. Strand Woven, Wide Grain, Narrow Grain Bamboo or specialty coloured Melamine).
  • Policy: Within 14 days of receiving the delivery, the product is returned to Plyco Fairfield in its original condition either via post or in person at the expense of the customer. After inspection, a successful claim is awarded an 85% refund, with the remaining 15% charged by the supplier as a return fee. Plyco will finance the onward shipping to the supplier. 

Made to order product

  • Definition: Specialty products manufactured at Plyco to custom requirements (eg. timber veneers and laminate products where a thickness not listed online or in a product catalogue).
  • Policy: Due to the custom nature of the product, no refund can be provided.


Damaged / missing orders

In the unlikely event that an order has been dispatched by courier and is not received, or if an item is received and it is either damaged or faulty, a return claim must be filed with Plyco within 7 days from date of dispatch of goods.


All orders

To kickstart the returns process send us an email containing a photo, the reason for the return and whether you would like a replacement. After receiving the returned item we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will then notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. If approved, we'll provide either a replacement or full refund free of charge. 

How do I order an out of stock product?

If you're after a product that's currently shown as "out of stock", someone has snuck in and snatched the last one.

But you're in luck! You can either: request to be placed on backorder via our online form or you may choose to cancel the order if payment has already been processed. 

If it's an order with multiple items, we'll ask if you'd like to do partial delivery, or wait for the entire order to be sent in the single consignment.


Need a product quote? Head to our online contact form. If it's a quote for both Plyco products and our custom cutting service, visit our online cutting form.

What happens after I request a quote?

Firstly, thanks for submitting a quote request! Our current customer service goal is a same day reply of all quotes and enquiries (for quote requests before 3pm).

Secondly, so you're prepared for the fame and glory that comes with a successful plywood project, you can find project inspiration and insider advice via our Learning Platform. The more you read the easier it will be to answer your adoring fans!